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My brother-in-law passed away recently. He was 41. He left 4 daughters. He fought the battle with cancer for 10 years, 3 rounds of chemo and numerous surgeries all for the cancer to keep coming back again and again. The final time it attacked, he was done. He just wanted to live as healthy as he could and spend the time he had left with his daughters.

 When someone as young as this passes away, my questions for God increase. Why him? Why so young? Why leave his daughters fatherless? He has so much more to experience here, so much more life to live. God sweetly answers me with the truth of His Word. I’m assured he is in Heaven because he did accept Jesus as his Savior and Lord. I’m assured that God is the Father to the fatherless and He will comfort his daughters. I’m assured that He will walk through the grief of his family and friends. And I’m assured that I will see him again when I reach Heaven. I’m reminded that this is not my home. What this world offers can’t even compare to the joys in Heaven. My eternal home is with God.
My brother-in-law is home. He has no more pain. He suffers no more. He is cancer free! As I honored him by singing, “Amazing Grace” at his memorial service, I am comforted that he is with our Heavenly Father knowing perfect eternity as we yet cannot, seeing amazing things that we yet cannot see, hearing wonderful sounds that we yet cannot hear and feeling a perfect peace and contentment that only those in the presence of Jesus can feel.  I wonder if my brother-in-law is looking down, telling us, “Don’t cry. Don’t grieve for me. I am finally free! It’s amazing up here and I can’t wait for you to be here with me! Go tell everyone about Jesus so they can experience what I am now!”
These words from my Heavenly Father bring me great comfort and peace knowing that I, just as my brother-in-law is now, will spend eternity with Him. Yes, I still grieve the loss here but I grieve with a comfort and a peace that only God can give.

Marci Harper, M.A., LPC

Posted by Marci Harper, M.A., LPC

Marci joined the Cassie Reid Counseling team fall 2013. As a licensed professional counselor, she is dedicated to counseling children, married couples, families and individuals as they journey towards emotional and spiritual healing.

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