Obedience = Fun?

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Obedience leads to trust. 

Trust leads to freedom. 

Freedom leads to fun. 

One of my “mom” friends shared this mantra with me a while back and it has become a foundation in guiding and disciplining our 4 children. The Bible says God disciplines those He loves dearly. And we, as parents, who love our children dearly, want to obey God and discipline them.

When my children obey, I trust them more. I trust that they trust me, that they are learning that God has entrusted them to their father and me to teach and guide them the best that we know how. In turn, if they are obedient, then I can trust them with more freedom . . . the freedom to make their own responsible choices, the freedom to do more things and go more places without me having to be right behind them. Trusting that they will obey when I’m not there because they have consistently obeyed when I am there. And the more freedom they have, the more fun their life is.

A side note: true obedience is obeying immediately, doing exactly as I say and with a cheerful heart. For example, if I ask one of my children to please go put their shoes away–that means they immediately stop what their doing, acknowledge me with a “Yes, Mom.” in a cheerful manner, go get their shoes and put them in their closet where they go. True obedience does not include a rebuttal or a “wait a minute” or a disappointed sigh or look. True obedience does not include me having to ask them 3 times. And true obedience comes from a heart of trust in God and in me that I only want what’s best for them. If you teach this when they are young, it will become a habit that they don’t even think twice about when they are older.

When my child obeys, all the way, the right way and with a cheerful heart, then I can trust them with more freedom and with more freedom, they can have fun. So obedience does equal fun!

Marci Harper, M.A., LPC

Posted by Marci Harper, M.A., LPC

Marci joined the Cassie Reid Counseling team fall 2013. As a licensed professional counselor, she is dedicated to counseling children, married couples, families and individuals as they journey towards emotional and spiritual healing.

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