Preparing Hearts

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Summer always seems to fly by and it is hard to believe we are already deep into the school year. Do your children love or not love going back? I have 4 children and they are split in half about this, where 2 can’t wait until school starts and 2 wish school would never start. At the end of every summer, my husband and I start preparing them for school. We purchase backpacks, school supplies, shoes, etc. We also prepare them mentally by reviewing basic math skills and reading books and study habits. But most importantly, we prepare them emotionally and spiritually: we are preparing hearts.
Be confident: Confident in who you are and in whose you are. The Bible tells us that God goes before us in every situation and prepares a place, prepares a plan and prepares us for the task ahead. We teach our children that He has given them everything they need to be ready for the new school year. They can walk in on the first day of school knowing that God is with them every step of the way.
Be kind: No matter what the circumstance or the person, the Bible tells us to be kind, to put on love above all things and in all things. No matter who we are dealing with, God even wants us to love our enemies. We teach our children to be kind and respectful to all their classmates, friends and teachers. They represent Jesus in their schools, to everyone and in every situation.
Be courageous: We teach our children that they are lights of hope in their schools. Not every student knows God and they can be an everyday example to their classmates of what it’s like to know and love God. Our children can have courage in sharing their faith by trusting that God knows them and loves them too. Sharing their faith means leading by example, obeying school rules, being kind and respectful of others, serving others, encouraging others and when the opportunity arrives, having courage to talk about God.
We teach our children that going to school is not just for them to learn academics, but to learn how to be confident, kind and courageous, knowing that God is with them every step of the way.

Marci Harper, M.A., LPC

Posted by Marci Harper, M.A., LPC

Marci joined the Cassie Reid Counseling team fall 2013. As a licensed professional counselor, she is dedicated to counseling children, married couples, families and individuals as they journey towards emotional and spiritual healing.

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