Summer Fun

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I’m one of those moms who really lets loose in the summer months. I let my 4 kids (ages 8 to 13) make what they want for breakfast and lunch. I don’t require any formal reading or math review. I allow them to sleep in and go to bed later. I don’t restrict their video game playing or TV watching time. I don’t require them to clean their rooms everyday. I try to make them feel as care free and independent as possible.
However, I don’t go all crazy about it. I do have boundaries. They are just covertly enforced. For instance, I am purposeful in stocking my fridge and pantry with healthy choices for meals and snacks for them to choose and I make sure to prepare a healthy dinner each night. I make sure that the majority of their video game choices have some sort of educational value in them and I make sure to plan their days with plenty of outside or out of the house activities so they aren’t stuck at home spending too much time in front of a screen. I also concentrate more on their spiritual learning instead of academic by sending them to local vacation bible schools and various other church activities. They are taking piano lessons in the summer for increased brain activity, but it’s all fun for them and doesn’t feel like learning. And their rooms? I do ask them to clean once a week and they do help with chores around the house, but it’s chores they either like or don’t mind doing.
Children are only young for so long. They will have the rest of their adult lives to work hard. They most likely will not get their summers off. I set very high expectations for them during the school year and they work so very hard.  I believe they need a break during the summer to have fun and relax. And they know when school time comes, it’s time to buckle down and get to work. This has made our summers fun and care free. It not only gives them a break but me also. And it teaches them the value of rest. It’s all about balance.

Marci Harper, M.A., LPC

Posted by Marci Harper, M.A., LPC

Marci joined the Cassie Reid Counseling team fall 2013. As a licensed professional counselor, she is dedicated to counseling children, married couples, families and individuals as they journey towards emotional and spiritual healing.

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