Well here it is, the New Year, 2014. I don’t know about you but sometimes the New Year is bittersweet. I love the fresh vision and new goals that the beginning of the year brings but on the other hand I don’t like thinking about certain types of goals.

Like many after the New Year, I usually feel pressure to start a new diet or eating plan. I don’t know what it is about the New Year but I always feel like the slate is so clean that I have to start right away. As I considered this it was obvious there are some problems with this system. Now don’t get me wrong, I think goal setting is an essential part of life. I also have no problem with those who use the first of the year to do it. I just feel like I set myself up to fail.

For example, I set a goal for 2014 to work out every day on January 1st but why would I suddenly become a different person from who I was on December 31st? I am the same person attempting to hold myself to a different standard. I believe there comes a time when we have to make true changes inside rather than putting on a show outwardly. I have to realize that there is an area within myself that keeps me from working out as often as I would like. This very thing needs to be adjusted in order to see the breakthrough rather than me setting a goal leading me to beat myself up in a week because I didn’t meet it. By the way, as of today I have already missed the goal of working out everyday in 2014 and we are only seven days into the New Year!

Another side of goal setting has many people waiting until a certain date, stating “I will start Monday”. These goals aren’t always about eating or exercise but can include very diverse resolutions. Sometimes delay is just the same as disobedience. When we put something off we are only keeping ourselves from the best possible life in the meantime. I have had discussions with many people that have come to our office and that have said that they wish they would have done something about their problem or situation sooner.

What is the thing that you need to start today? It is no longer the 1st week of the year but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a fresh start for you today. What things on the inside need to be changed to bring about outward changes? There is so much opportunity for your best life (and my best life) in 2014. Ask yourself what things you want to overcome, achieve, dream, conquer, relinquish, and complete in 2014. The team at CRC is here to help you do just that.