I had a revelation recently that I want to share. I was talking to someone about fighting the battles in their life and how we should always move on from old battles to the new fights in our lives.

There was a clear vision of a battlefield, Braveheart style, surrounded by trees with this light fog settling on the ground. The Lord spoke about what happens when we go back and try to fight on an old battlefield. Typically when an army moves on to a new place to fight they leave behind the remains of the fight, including the casualties.

So many times in our lives we want to return to an old battlefield and resume the fight. This is not the place we were intended to revisit. If you think about how a battlefield is wide open, it leaves you vulnerable. If there is an opponent they can see you clearly and take an unobstructed shot, leaving you with the wounded or the dead. Once the battle has ended the winner has already been decided, also leaving no reason to stay and fight, what would you be fighting for? There is no opponent anymore. Staying on the field separates you from your army. It leaves you unprotected and unaware of the battle strategy for the next fight.

This vision made me think about the many people who are trying to stay on an old battlefield, fighting a fight that has been over for some time. They are fighting for something that has already been resolved and are fighting against an enemy that has already been defeated. We sometimes stay on that field with old offenses, old hurts, and old struggles instead of moving on to the next opportunity for victory.

If we stay with our army we are able to remain protected, we have ample ammunition, and the best strategy while part of a unit. It is important to keep moving forward to the next destination and the next battle in order to defeat the next enemy. We have enemies in our lives that surface in the shape of emotional distress, interpersonal conflict, or other daily struggles within our relationships and ourselves.

My desire is to always stay in the current fight and resist the temptation to walk backwards to the old battlefields. I want to help those that come to my office to also see the truth about the battles that they are fighting on a daily basis. I want those who have felt stuck on a battlefield to hear the truth about exactly where and how they should be fighting. I want people to be protected and not become easy targets for the enemy.

What battlefield are you fighting on today? Are you on an old field or have you moved on to the new?

Love Wins,

Dr. Cassie

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