In the counseling business I see many people who find themselves regretting something from the past. I was thinking about the blog I wrote recently about birds and something hit me. Regret is worry in reverse. Many individuals struggle with regret over a thing that they did, didn’t do, or something of the sort. They struggle with something that … Read More


Thanksgiving brings about many feelings of gratefulness and gratitude. I can’t help but feel grateful that I have the opportunity each day to sit across from amazing people and hear the Lord for their situations. I know that individuals have many options when it comes counseling, but I feel extremely grateful that my clients have chosen Cassie Reid Counseling. Sometimes … Read More

Is Worry for the Birds?

  Last week while out for a run I couldn’t help but notice the birds, random I know. I have found that the birds are always around the track where I jog and typically they serve as a reminder that creation is far beyond my realm of comprehension. It reminded me of the scripture in Matthew 6:25-34 (CEV): I tell … Read More

The List

It just so happens that I have a large number of amazing single friends. One would think that I would be able to match them up with each other, but knowing their preferences makes this seemingly impossible. I started to think about this and found myself in a bit of a dilemma. I am all about standards. I encourage my … Read More


Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak about the act of comparison to an amazing group of female leaders. While speaking on this topic, I realized that I was actually applying the principles to my own life while sharing with the group but I believe this made the teaching that much more impactful. When reflecting on comparison, I recalled situations … Read More


A long time ago I started a personal tradition. Each year on my birthday I decided to make goals for the following year. These goals can be as large as “I want to open a new office” or as small as “I want to try to go to bed before 11.” I realized that after a couple of years it … Read More

Co-dependency Re-defined

Lately I have been thinking about co-dependency. Clinically, co-dependency can be defined as “relationship addiction” and affects individuals that are in abusive and destructive relationships. These individuals are so desperate to stay in these relationships that they will tolerate extreme behavior. The problem I have with this perspective is it makes the co-dependent the “bad guy” in the situation on … Read More

Turning the corner….

  Many of you know the Cassie Reid Counseling offices have moved into a new, larger space. During the process of preparing and finally moving, I heard the Lord about many other things but very emphatically, He spoke to me about the concept of “turning the corner”. This new office space was a “turning the corner” experience for me personally … Read More

Moving On Up

Ok so we know, it’s been awhile since our last blog post. For that we are very sorry BUT it’s for a very good reason. We have been in the process of expansion at Cassie Reid Counseling. We are so excited to announce that our office has moved! We are still in the Southlake Town Square but have moved to … Read More

Dear Sixth Grade

Recently I asked one of my amazing clients to complete a homework assignment for our next scheduled session. This particular client is about to be a senior in high school and found that many of her presenting “hang-ups” began in middle school. I asked her to write a letter to her sixth grade year and what she produced blew me … Read More