Facebook Fail

Let me begin by warning you that this is probably my most controversial blog yet. I have been hearing so many things about Facebook and its role in marriage that I couldn’t help but share my thoughts on the subject. The realization that Facebook has become a tool for meeting unmet needs is very evident to me now especially after … Read More

Sow What?

I am so grateful my clients give me the privilege of hearing from the Lord in our sessions. I am amazed by the realizations that are uncovered and the truth that is spoken into their individual situations. Sometimes it is too good to not share with others, it becomes an experience for not only that individual but also many others … Read More

Do You Have a Fake ID?

The other day I had the opportunity to sit with a very wise 14-year-old young lady. While we were discussing some things going on in her life the Holy Spirit revealed some significant truth about identity. Our identity is like our drivers license. If you think about a driver’s license or passport it is the one piece of identification that … Read More

Our (Dis)Connected Society

Social media has become such a part of our daily lives. So many people have laptops, iPhones, iPads, and other devices that allow them to be accessible at all times. I cannot deny that what I am about to share isn’t “preaching to the choir”. I find myself in need of connecting to Twitter, Facebook, text messages, and phone calls … Read More

Cruising From Comparison

Last week I had the opportunity to take a much needed vacation. My husband and I decided to go on a cruise. It was a lovely time but what I gained from the trip was much more than rest. I received a revelation about comparing ourselves with others that will forever change my perspective of people. I was able to … Read More


I had a revelation recently that I want to share. I was talking to someone about fighting the battles in their life and how we should always move on from old battles to the new fights in our lives. There was a clear vision of a battlefield, Braveheart style, surrounded by trees with this light fog settling on the ground. … Read More


I meet with many people each week and one of the most frequently asked questions is about psychiatric medication. There are many individual opinions that exist on this subject. I hear from many that are completely against psychiatric medicines while there are some who find themselves totally dependent upon these medications for daily survival. I must tread lightly here because … Read More

Event Elimination

There are many things that I encounter on a daily basis but some allow me to see things differently. I have been thinking so much about the busy-ness of my life and the lives of those that I see on a daily basis. Society has allowed the craziness of daily life to become more and more normal. People are considered … Read More

The Value of Mentorship

Learning from the Mistakes of Others I have made so many mistakes in my life. I am sure we all have, mine were a result of thinking I had all of the answers, enough experience, and that I knew exactly what to do in every situation. Obviously this was a conceited way of thinking. My husband lost his job about … Read More

Welcome to the Heart of the Matter

I’m so excited to welcome you into what I would call The Heart of the Matter, or a more detailed look into the heartbeat of Cassie Reid Counseling. This blog is a way to share why I do what I do, along with my heart to really have ministry happening at my practice versus a clinical, sterile form of therapy. … Read More