Do You Have a Fake ID?

The other day I had the opportunity to sit with a very wise 14-year-old young lady. While we were discussing some things going on in her life the Holy Spirit revealed some significant truth about identity. Our identity is like our drivers license. If you think about a driver’s license or passport it is the one piece of identification that tells the absolute truth about you. If you were to unfortunately get pulled over, the police officer has the ability to swipe the license finding out any and all information about you and violations if any. It is the absolute truth about you. So many of us are walking through life with “fake” ID’s. We have tried to fabricate an identity that when swiped does not define us or even give any truthful facts about our situations or about us. We have falsified the picture of ourselves, allowing others to see what we choose instead of what is truth.
Our true identity cannot be fabricated, reproduced, or falsified. We are who we are and we are exactly who God created us to be. As much as we want the officer to not see our other speeding ticket or that our address isn’t correct, that information will always be revealed. The same is accurate about our true selves; we spend our time trying to conceal the reality and truth of our identity. Some people spend their entire lives attempting to cover up who they actually have become. I can only imagine the anxiety, strain, and stress of constantly trying to be sure that your fake ID isn’t discovered. To be honest, actually I can. I remember struggling so many times in college with being exactly who I was. I wrestled with falling into the party scene as well as Greek life. I knew in my spirit that these were not my true ID but that didn’t stop me from attempting to attend the parties or social events. Each and every time I attended I felt like a fish out of water. There was nothing there that was true to the identity I possessed.
There are so many people who are missing out on the true person hiding behind the fake identity. I am sure many of you can relate. To be honest, or TBH as my young Facebook friends would say, I have struggled with allowing others to see who I really am. I wrestled with myself for a long time fearing that if people saw the true me that they would not like it. I have since discovered that being anyone other than who I was created to be only leads to more problems. It becomes lie upon lie, and cover-up upon cover-up, only leading to disappointment in the end.
So ask yourself, is the ID that people see really who I am? Are people seeing all of who I am created to be or just some parts? Am I working to cover up some parts of myself for fear that people can’t handle it? Ask the Holy Spirit to show you exactly who you are, make a list . It is so freeing to know what is on your ID each and every time it is swiped.

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