Empowering the Powerless

One of my favorite things to do is be a voice for the voiceless, defender for the defenseless, and provide means of communication for those who are unable to communicate. I find that this is one of the most rewarding things about my job.

Each week, I encounter many clients and cases that involve divorce. While this is unfortunate, a hopeful area of these situations (if one can be found) is helping the children and teens communicate their wants and needs. I had the opportunity to do just this in the courtroom very recently. I was able to be a voice for children who would not have the opportunity (or nerve) to tell the judge their desires.

One of the most amazing things is watch as a child begins to feel empowered; isn’t that what all of us desire? To feel empowered? I want to empower children each day and show them that having a voice is a empowering feeing. I want to educate them on the best possible way to communicate their feelings as well as their needs and desires.

Do you or someone you know have a child who needs a voice? Do you or someone you know have children in the midst of divorce? Do you or someone you know need a defender for a defenseless child? CRC is your place and we would be so honored to serve you (and your child(ren) in this way.

I never want to see divorce, conflict, and strife, but if I do, empowering those involved is the way I can serve those involved.