Event Elimination

There are many things that I encounter on a daily basis but some allow me to see things differently. I have been thinking so much about the busy-ness of my life and the lives of those that I see on a daily basis. Society has allowed the craziness of daily life to become more and more normal. People are considered boring who choose to protect their time, kids are considered a failure who are not involved in three sports, eight clubs, and five types of lessons. This is not what was intended for our lives. I understand that there is a place for sports, clubs, and lessons but what our lives have evolved into is not a healthy or sustainable pattern of behavior. We have lost sight of family dinner, quality conversation, and excellence. So many individuals are mediocre at numerous things instead of being good and excellent at one thing. Our culture has put into our minds that if we don’t allow ourselves to remain busy, remain engaged, and remain connected that we will fall behind; the same applies to our children. This is NOT truth.
I see so many kids, who are connected to families that have lost sight of the “why” in their lives. They know what, when, how, and what, but have no understanding of the “why”. They can tell you all about their schedule, the practices, meetings, and trainings but possess little or no sight of the end goal. I truly believe this is a tool of the enemy, he loves for us to be distracted, lose sight of our true purpose and true destiny. As people we fail to become excellent because we fail to see the purpose and goal of our actions.
I stress this for not only the spiritual reasons but also the physical. I see so many of these kids and teens who are too busy to deal with the day to day problems of life, too over-committed to allow time for rest, too pressured to even think or pray about what they love to do. They feel the obligation to stay engaged and stay busy because of parental, societal, and peer pressures. They struggle with anxiety, depression, and school issues as a result.
I charge everyone reading this to ask yourself what is your “why”? I know that I am doing the exact same thing. What makes you want to get up in the morning? If the things that you are doing do not support, contribute, or add value to that very thing then it’s time to engage in event elimination. It’s time to decide what is adding value to the dream and destiny that is yours. It is time to evaluate what is adding value in your children’s lives. It is time to decide who and what are ALLOWED to be your motivation. Take back control, only to who and what you give control will be allowed the permission to dictate your actions.
I so desire people to find their “why”, their God given destiny that propels them into the future that has been designed specifically for them. If you know someone who needs to find their “why’ or if that is you, feel free to call our office. We would love to help you find the true motivation to get to where you are designed and destined to go.

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