A friend said to me recently, “My life is ruined. There’s no way that my life will ever be as good as it was or as good as it could have been. Everything has changed and there’s no going back.”  Have you ever said that? Or thought it? Like my friend, many people struggle with moving forward after painful events and failures. Sometimes, it’s because we have been hurt deeply by circumstances or by someone whose choices have negatively impacted our lives. Sometimes, it’s because we have fouled up God’s plan for our lives ourselves. Often, this leads to spending a great deal of time thinking about it, reminding God about it, telling Him what we think He should do about it, and allowing it to darken our present and our future.  Holding on to the pain and failures of the past harms our relationships, and often our physical, emotional, and spiritual health. God’s desire is for us to confidently and joyfully look forward to a future with all hope! (Rom 5:2)  So what are some things we can do that will help us move beyond past pain and failure?

  1. Pray. Have faith in God. He has grace for your situation and He will provide you with wisdom, insight, and creative ways to help you release the pain and experience freedom to move forward if you ask Him in faith.
  2. Find out what the Word says about your situation and then speak His words about it. Seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance and do what He tells you to do.
  3. Make a decision to forgive everyone who has hurt you. Faith works by love and love forgives.
  4. Believe and receive His provision that you may have everything you need for a godly life. (2 peter 1:3)

God is always ready, willing, and available to help us in our daily lives. He knows our every need exactly. And with God, everything is possible, including living triumphantly and with hope for your future.

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