Lately I have been thinking a great deal about the concept of government, not in the sense of overseeing or running a country but the idea of governing ourselves.

Government is defined as “the relationship between the governed and a governing word”. As we enter one of the busiest times of the year it is especially important that we govern ourselves carefully. I have taken some time to evaluate how I am currently governing my life and felt that the Lord put the word vision on my heart. The Bible tells us that we need to have vision, because we could perish without it. God continued by making it clear that it was time to start serving the vision He had given to me rather than serving the visions of so many other people. He wasn’t being harsh but rather very honest and direct with me. I had begun neglecting my God-given vision by owning the visions of others. This led to self-sacrifice of what I should have been putting energy and time into. I was more concerned with what others were passionate about and I began to lose passion for what I was called to do.

I do have a strong desire to help others find, realize and carry out their vision but cannot sacrifice what I am called to do. So what does this look like? It involves government of boundaries and managing time efficiently. Being effective in these areas is a challenge but both are essential to experience a fulfilling life.

This word from God has required me to investigate, refine, and refocus on my own vision while also requiring me to say no, to protect my time, and to step back from things that once seemed so important.

Going into the holidays can be a stressful, time crunched season. Ask yourself today what who’s vision you are serving. Is it your own? Is it the someone else’s vision? Does it line up with what you are called to do with your life? If not it’s time for self-government. If you are serving your vision, then reflect on how you can serve it better and how you can best use your resources, including time.