Recently I was having a conversation with some friends about our various pasts. It was an interesting conversation that yielded common threads as well as highlighting the value of facing and reconciling the events that have made us into the humans we are today. One of my friends was discussing how she just wanted to wave a magic wand, ask the Lord to heal it all, and, poof, things would be perfect. We started considering the beauty in the process of unwinding these events from our past and how it makes us much better people.

This led me to think about knots. Our lives can be similar to knots, taking considerable time, many people, a variety of situations, and various struggles to tie a knot. Most tight knots aren’t formed in an instant but take ample time to develop and strengthen. Our past is much like these knots. If you have ever set out to untangle a piece of string, a thin necklace or a group of wires, you appreciate that it isn’t an instant process. There isn’t a magic wand to wave and poof they are all untangled. It takes determination, magnification and sometimes a needle to undo the mess that has resulted.

This is a direct reflection of the process we must endure in order to ensure that our lives are properly untangled and straightened out. We must first take the time to untangle, instead of pulling on the one loose string, which only makes the knot tighter. Next, we must submit ourselves to the process and therefore allow ourselves to be stay untangled and become permanently usable.

At CRC we love to help people untangle any and every knot they encounter in their lives. We make it our passion to ensure our own knots are untangled to be sure we can effectively help you with yours. So what knots do you see in your own life? Is there an area of constant struggle that each time you try to free yourself you only find yourself wound tighter? Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any area that could use some untangling. He may place someone in your path to help you with just that, if it requires a little more untangling feel free to call our office, we would love to help.