Life and His Design

I am on the home stretch of my very first pregnancy. I have only a couple more weeks (or less) until my sweet daughter enters the world. I’ve found that this stage of pregnancy is noticeably more difficult than previous months.

On a recent morning, I had gone for a walk to begin my day and then got ready for work, which found me with nothing left in the tank. I was talking to my daughter that same morning while on my way to a very full day of work and happened to say, “You are sucking the life out of me.” I immediately heard the Lord say, “That is exactly the point and my design”.

I, surprisingly, didn’t feel condemnation or shame, but a newfound appreciation for God’s design of parenting and creation. I had a deeper realization that the very life inside of me only sustains because of the life her father and I have put into her.

There are many days where I feel like I am on my own, that no one understands, and that there is little life left to give. These are the days that I need to be reminded of God’s divine design. I have a Father that has given me life. I have a source to tap into when all hope seems lost and that there is nothing left to give. This may sound super-spiritual but the reality is that we truly would not exist if it weren’t for life that was given to us, including a huge sacrifice on our behalf.

This season has been a sacrifice in many ways but it will be worth every sleepless night and trip to the bathroom once we are able to meet our daughter. I can only imagine if I feel this way about her, the how much more God feels that way about me.

So what do you feel is sucking the life out of you? Ask Him to give you the strength and the life to press on. Hear His voice and ask for Him to speak specifically into your situation today, He will come through with life that you couldn’t have imagined.