Sitting down to write this, I feel as if I have written these very same thoughts down before. I don’t know about you, but lately my pace has been overwhelming. I don’t know what it is about spring, maybe the end of a school year, beautiful weather, and many tasks, but this time of year seems to bring additional demands on my time that can leave me in a very crazy place.

I realized on a recent day, after spending that day with no agenda, schedule, or demands on my time that I am the only person that can protect it. I seem to want to rely on my husband, authorities, or friends to know when I have reached my maximum capacity. This isn’t fair. It isn’t their responsibility to know when things are overwhelming me or I feel at capacity, it is mine. I am the steward of my own time and schedule, the moment I forget this, is the very moment that my time has authority over me instead of me having authority over my time.

Frankly, I am much better at all of the tasks in which I am entrusted when I allow myself time to breathe and do things that make me happy. So here are three tips that have helped me (yesterday) that hopefully can help you:

    1. Learn how to say “NO” and stick to it – People don’t like to hear the word “NO” but every time I say it when I know I should, I reap a reward of time and energy. Don’t create a hierarchy by saying that their time and stuff is more valuable than yours, we each deserve time and space.
    2. Find something that you love and try to do it at least twice a month – Honestly I love a day with no schedule and sunshine. My husband and I have implemented these days since we were dating. I tend to forget the power and value when I don’t schedule one at least twice a month.
    3. Schedule a “home day” –  A day where you determine not to leave your house for any reason.

My sweet friend Darrah taught me this term and I absolutely love it. I find that when I wake up knowing I have nowhere to go (which means no make up) that I am more relaxed and way more productive, even at resting.

These may seem simple but for me they are much harder to implement that the black and white words on paper. I must give myself grace and sometimes find ways to make this happen. Are you feeling overwhelmed? I encourage you to pick one of these three things and ask the Holy Spirit to give you the strength to follow through today.