Parenting Kids Into Freedom – #3

The third parenting tip in the parenting into and out of freedom series is:

We were designed to submit

One of the biggest mistakes I see parents make is letting their children make too many decisions. Parenting kids to  make decisions within some boundaries and limits is good and healthy but allowing them free reign is detrimental to their nature and purpose.

When we let our kids get away with something we are encouraging them to defy the very nature of who they were created to be. We were designed to submit to the authority of God and when we allow our children to defy our authority it is completely contrary to their divine nature. We are responsible for setting boundaries and creating an authority structure in the home.

What your child thinks about themselves, how they view themselves, and what happens to them speak loudly through their behavior. When you provide rue proper boundaries and authority your child will have the capability to succeed and see themselves as a contributing member of the family.

It is up to us as parents to provide safety, security, and stricture in our home. Our ability to set proper boundaries and allow our kids to submit to them creates a structure for success.