Parenting Kids Into Freedom – #1

I get many questions about parenting primarily on how to parent well.  I believe that sharing my top ten tips could be helpful to those that want to be and currently are parents. I will break one down every week that I post a blog (in between each of the posts from my team). Here is number 1 (these are not in any order):

  1. We first have to rule ourselves. – We must first be free in order to allow ourselves to parent our children into and out of a place of freedom. So many parents bring their kids into the office assuming the kid is the problem. We usually discover that the problem truly lies with the parents. It is essential that parents are free from their own baggage in order to parent from a place of true freedom. If I am not in charge of my past, my experiences, and myself how can I then be in charge of my children? This may seem like a daunting task but truly it doesn’t take much to be free from our baggage. It only takes the time to honestly reflect on what we know we need to let go of and what we know we need to hold onto. The further into our own freedom we start to walk the more capable we become to free our children and allow them to be the best versions of themselves. We are no longer trying to rule them because we can’t rule ourselves but we are ruling them out of a place of love and acceptance. In order to see the best in our kids we first have to see the best in ourselves.

Come back in two weeks for the next tip on parenting your kids into freedom!