Sow What?

I am so grateful my clients give me the privilege of hearing from the Lord in our sessions. I am amazed by the realizations that are uncovered and the truth that is spoken into their individual situations. Sometimes it is too good to not share with others, it becomes an experience for not only that individual but also many others when translated across situations.
Let me stop and add a disclaimer. Each time I choose to share a moment from a session I always have permission from my clients. They know that I will be writing about it or translating it to other people, without their name of course. I don’t want anyone to think that if they come visit CRC that their revelation and situations will end up on a blog without their knowledge.
Now that we have settled that…in one session recently the Lord spoke to me and to my client at the same time, the Lord started speaking about sowing seed. See for me I give a lot, by that I mean I typically find myself sacrificing my time, my energy, and my resources to help others, many times to the detriment of my own health. The Lord started speaking about the amount of seed available for each season. I struggled with this at first because I was thinking that there would always be unlimited seed to sow. The Holy Spirit quickly corrected me.
It isn’t technically about the amount of seed; instead it is about where that allotted seed is sown. I have a certain amount of seed that I can distribute each season. It is up to me to listen and discover the best soil for me to sow into.
In Matthew 13 (in the Message) Jesus explains that the seed can fall on the road to be eaten by birds, on the gravel and not take root, on the weeds and be choked out, and on good soil producing a harvest beyond our wildest dreams. This made me think of the numerous individuals that receive seed from my “stash” each day.
I want the harvest beyond my wildest dreams. I want each seed to move in a direction, to go somewhere, not be sown in vain. I don’t want my seed to be eaten, choked out, or take shallow roots.
The moral of the story for me was to be purposeful. I want my life, my decisions, my actions, and my investments to all go in the direction of my God given destiny. I want people’s lives to be changed as a result of what I say and what I sow. I don’t want to “waste” my seed on someone or something that won’t appreciate the sacrifice or do their part to cultivate the deposit. I realized after this revelation that I need to be much more purposeful with who gets the seed I have to sow. I don’t want to spend time sowing into places and people that are not going to add to the destiny I am called to fulfill. It isn’t that these people and places aren’t worth the seed; it is that my seed is not meant to take root in that place. I have to be careful to guard myself and my seed in order to ensure I have it at the appropriate time when needed to produce that harvest beyond my wildest dreams.
My challenge to you is to sow in a direction. Be sure that your ground is fertile and part of the destiny you have been called to fulfill by God. Be purposeful about who gets your seed and be sure to sow into people, places, and things that will bring you a harvest beyond your wildest dreams.

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