Updates & State of the Union

It is with overwhelming gratitude that we celebrate two years in our amazing office above the Starbucks and four years in the Southlake Town Square. There are so many days that I stand in awe that we are blessed with such an amazing office space in such a beautiful city.

When I felt called to start Cassie Reid Counseling I could not have imagined the amazing people who would surround me today. I also couldn’t imagine the favor and blessing that would come in our direction. To each and every person who believes in us, believes in what we do, and believes in how we do it, we are forever grateful. Every referral, accolade, and positive review only amplifies the growth and blessing we have already seen.

Saying all of this I want to give you some updates on what has been happening in my (Cassie’s) life on a personal/professional note. This is truly the season of new. I have recently been offered and accepted a full-time faculty position at The King’s University at Gateway Church. It is an honor and privilege to be asked to build their counseling program, one that many individuals could only dream of receiving. This means that I will be taking a small step back from the day-to-day operations at CRC. I will still be seeing about 10 clients a week but will be at the university a majority of my week. I am so grateful for an amazing counseling staff and office manager that I trust completely. CRC will continue to run as efficiently with them in the daily operations.

One of the most amazing things about this opportunity is that it gives me the chance to mold and shape the next generation of counselors. I so love teaching at the college level and the caliber of students at TKU are truly the best. I am so overwhelmed with joy and gratitude that this is my life and I get to live it.

I am grateful to each of you that are standing with me personally as well as with the practice. We couldn’t do it without you and are so excited to keep you informed of the ways we plan to expand and further our reach.