Welcome to the Heart of the Matter

I’m so excited to welcome you into what I would call The Heart of the Matter, or a more detailed look into the heartbeat of Cassie Reid Counseling. This blog is a way to share why I do what I do, along with my heart to really have ministry happening at my practice versus a clinical, sterile form of therapy. The mandate and vision God laid on my heart during my undergraduate years through the recent completion of my Ph.D. has always been about people and walking a path with them to spiritual freedom that would impact both their present and their future.

I plan to share my views on a wide range of topics including current events, clinical matters, things God has laid on my heart and about the growing team at Cassie Reid Counseling.

Hopefully, you will take time to read what I have to say and it would be humbling if in some instance something I share here makes a difference in someones life in a positive way.

Love wins,

Dr. Cassie

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