Check Yes or No

I love the thought-provoking analogies that the Lord shares with me and wanted to share one with you this week.  Like me, you might recall a moment in middle school when you truly believed you had met the love of you life. It’s funny that the cool way to find out if they liked you or not was to give them “the note”. You know “the note” I am referring to, the one that had them check yes or no. I remember this very experience in middle school, needless to say the guy wasn’t the love of my life and made that abundantly clear when he didn’t even check the box but promptly threw the note at me and laughed. This was such a nerve-wracking experience; you never knew which box that they would check. So many people I knew didn’t even bother giving them the note and just left the situation in limbo. They would rather have a relationship in their minds than actually find out the truth.

I know that this is a very specific situation but how many times have we allowed a particular situation to remain in limbo rather than really finding out the truth? We dread hearing an answer we don’t want to hear instead sacrificing ourselves, our dreams, or whatever else in order to avoid the truth. I wish I could say middle school was the last time I tried to avoid a stressful situation or avoided really hearing what I needed to hear. Sometimes when we avoid what we need to hear we “stall” our lives. Who knows how long I would have secretly liked that boy in middle school and kept myself from moving onto another experience that allowed me to mature and made me a better person.

What situation in your life are you “stalling” in order to avoid the answer? What is the thing in your guts that you know the answer to but are avoiding the realty of the situation? Allow yourself be okay with the answer and move on. You never know what or who lies right around the next corner. Find out if that situation is checked yes or no.