Dare to Dream

This past weekend I was watching football (the Dallas Cowboys win over the New Orleans Saints specifically) and saw this commercial for General Electric http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfmQvc6tB1o I couldn’t help but hear the Holy Spirit prompt me through the words of this commercial. Sometimes we can find the will to dream in the strangest places. The voice over in the commercial is … Read More

Cardboard Box

I had the privilege of spending some time with some dear friends this past weekend. This particular couple has known James and I for some time and  the wife brought an old blog post I wrote for a defunct blog to my attention. It was posted in way back in 2009. I couldn’t help but go back and read it … Read More

Parenting Kids Into Freedom #4

In the celebration of freedom here is the fourth installment of parenting your kids into and out of freedom. I meet so many parents each day who live confused as to how to bring out the best in their children. So many make the mistake of attempting to make their kids into someone they desire for them to be as … Read More

Check Yes or No

I love the thought-provoking analogies that the Lord shares with me and wanted to share one with you this week.  Like me, you might recall a moment in middle school when you truly believed you had met the love of you life. It’s funny that the cool way to find out if they liked you or not was to give … Read More

Can vs. Called

I have the opportunity of being involved in leadership development at my church and in the lives of the individuals I see on a daily basis. When watching people pursue something they are destined to do, it is inevitable that they will play the comparison game at one time or another. Unfortunately comparison is bred by our society because of … Read More