Dangling Carrots

God isn’t in the business of “dangling carrots”.  You know the familiar scene where a carrot is dangled just in front of the horses nose in order to get it to keep moving? God does not work this way. When He gives us a directive, goal, or set of instructions He tends to see them through to the end.

I began thinking about this scenario while talking with some friends who are struggling with achieving the goals that they have set out to conquer. God doesn’t put obstacles in your path to block your ability to achieve a goal. Dangling carrots isn’t His way. If He has called you to achieve something, you WILL achieve it. He never fails and doesn’t set us on a trajectory to fail either. It is up to us to remain focused, on course, and listening for directives to guide us to our destination.

So what are your goals? What do you see standing in the way? If God doesn’t fail, then neither will you when you are following His lead. Take a moment to ask God what is standing in the way and how to move it. He will be faithful to complete what He starts, so enjoy the carrot because you deserve it.