When You Want To Quit

One of my favorite childhood memories was watching my father compete in the Heart of America Marathon, described as one of the oldest and toughest marathon courses in the U.S. and held every year in my small town on Labor Day since 1960. My dad had trained and was well prepared for the 26.2 mile race. But Mile 13 was … Read More

Dangling Carrots

God isn’t in the business of “dangling carrots”.  You know the familiar scene where a carrot is dangled just in front of the horses nose in order to get it to keep moving? God does not work this way. When He gives us a directive, goal, or set of instructions He tends to see them through to the end. I … Read More

Number One

Lately I have been asking myself the question “What’s my number one?” This may seem like a strange question but let me explain. Often we try to put things in our lives in our own order of importance. Numerous times the things that we need to be concentrating on the most (our number one) is the thing we try to … Read More