Dare to Dream

This past weekend I was watching football (the Dallas Cowboys win over the New Orleans Saints specifically) and saw this commercial for General Electric http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfmQvc6tB1o

I couldn’t help but hear the Holy Spirit prompt me through the words of this commercial. Sometimes we can find the will to dream in the strangest places. The voice over in the commercial is this:

  • Ideas are scary
  • They come into this world messy
  • Ideas are scary because they threaten what is known
  • They threaten the very nature of the way things are
  • Yes, ideas are scary, messy, and fragile, but under the proper care they become something beautiful.

If doesn’t make you think, dream, have a new idea, and your hair stand on end at the same time, I don’t know what will. Sometimes I don’t have dreams because I don’t allow myself the time, space, and will to come up with new ideas. I become more about “the way things are” than the way I want things to be. One of my life scriptures is Habakuk 2:2 where it says to write your vision (ideas) so that you can read it on the run. It also says that the vision (idea) will come at its appointed time. I love to think of this in reference to some of the impossible dreams I have already dreamed and those I still have yet to write down.

I see so many individuals who have let their ideas become dormant or even die. They allow shame, fear, and other lies get in the way of what they were born to do. They fail to see the idea through the lies. They fail to see possibility through the shame. They fail to see what could be through what was.

So what is standing between your idea and “the way things are’? What keeps you from innovating and allowing yourself to dream the very dreams you were intended?

What is one idea you have let lapse, been too fearful to acknowledge, or haven’t given yourself permission to let grow. If I say anything to you in this season it is this, let yourself have ideas. Let yourself feel safe enough to dream. Allow yourself the creativity and innovation you were born to have. Who knows, “under the proper care” your idea may become something beautiful.