Fear and Halloween

I was watching the Today Show this week and was really intrigued by the openness of fear in our culture. During a segment on the show, they reenacted a Ouija board scene from a new movie about inviting a demon into a place. Just typing this I can’t help but highlight the absurdity of what it takes in our culture to emphasize fear and evil. The media has made things that highlight darkness so much more palatable.

I know that there are many who find this time of year to be fun and exciting. I, myself, love fall, but I don’t love fear. I feel that any time we open ourselves up to fear our defenses are dulled and we have an open door to things of darkness.

I realized the power of fear the other night when I felt afraid at home. I know that my house is safe and I live in a very safe neighborhood but I was literally running like a little girl into my bedroom locking my door behind me because I thought I heard a noise. The power of fear caused me to act in a way beyond my reasonable thought. I was not in control but fear was.

I have a difficult time finding fun in creating opportunities to purposefully let this feeling into my sphere of influence. I find that people do not like anyone who speaks out against Halloween, dressing up, haunted houses or the like. I am not doing that. I am speaking out against fear. I am speaking out against creating opportunities to entertain darkness when we are called to entertain the light. I am speaking out against glamorizing demons and the enemy.  I am speaking out against fear and making it palatable in our culture. I am speaking out against the darkness and for the light.