Overcoming Fearful Thinking

“The sky is falling” Chicken Little declares in the famous folktale about a chicken that is hit in the head with an acorn and mistakenly assumes the world is coming to an end. Popular for centuries across many cultures, the story resonates with people because it speaks to the tendency many of us have at times to jump to conclusions … Read More

Control = Delusion

Sometimes it is easy to be a Christian when everything seems to be going right in your life. It feels good to buy into the delusion that we have control over anything in our lives. I recognize that this sounds like a dramatic overstatement and I also realize that many believe themselves to be in what many describe as the … Read More

Fear and Halloween

I was watching the Today Show this week and was really intrigued by the openness of fear in our culture. During a segment on the show, they reenacted a Ouija board scene from a new movie about inviting a demon into a place. Just typing this I can’t help but highlight the absurdity of what it takes in our culture … Read More

Controlling our Mind and Body

Since I began seeing clients in a professional setting, one thing I have caught myself saying time and time again is that we can only control our actions and reactions to people and situations. Although I still find this to be true today, I have had to do some deep soul searching to see if I am truly walking this … Read More

Hope is Powerful

I was having coffee with a good friend over the weekend and she made a statement that I can’t seem to forget. She was discussing a recent situation and said “Hope is powerful”. I couldn’t help but stop to let that statement resonate in my mind. I think that many individuals in countless situations tend to lean on the side … Read More

Is Worry for the Birds?

  Last week while out for a run I couldn’t help but notice the birds, random I know. I have found that the birds are always around the track where I jog and typically they serve as a reminder that creation is far beyond my realm of comprehension. It reminded me of the scripture in Matthew 6:25-34 (CEV): I tell … Read More