Parenting Kids Into Freedom #4

In the celebration of freedom here is the fourth installment of parenting your kids into and out of freedom.

I meet so many parents each day who live confused as to how to bring out the best in their children. So many make the mistake of attempting to make their kids into someone they desire for them to be as opposed to someone they were destined to become. Many times these two entities can be one and the same but many times the parent finds himself or herself struggling with who their child really is and who they were created to be.

This fourth parenting tip is to call forth the nature of your kids. One of the best books on parenting is Loving your Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk. One of his main points is that parents need to see who their children really were created to be. He encourages parents to pursue the heart of their children rather than desired to behavior.

When you think about it, the only person who is designated to call out the destiny and direction of our children is their parent, at least for their formative years. There can be many others who are in tune with who these precious kids are created to be but those who know them most are those who were involved in creating them in the first place.

We must plant the seeds in our children and allow them to discover who they are and who they were created to be. It is so important to speak to their heart and know them in order to bring out the best. Take time to know your kids. Find out what they like, what they dislike, and adjust your plans accordingly. Allow them to feel important and pursued by you. Just like we love to be pursued, so do they. I love it when the Lord gives me something so specific that there is no doubt that He orchestrated it just for me.

What are some things in your children that are unique to them? What is something new you can call out in their destiny? Take the time to do just that today.