My husband James and I are expecting to have our first biological child to arrive in only a few short weeks (7 to be exact). This has brought on a plethora of thoughts and emotions, as one could imagine.

I have been dwelling on the gravity (in a good way) of the role of motherhood and I was thinking about what a significant promotion it brings. There have been two roles in my life that are really divine and significant promotions, not the degrees, accolades, positions, or rungs on the corporate ladder, but the title of wife and, now, mother.

Becoming a wife to James significantly changed me. The divine order of life and how two truly become one, is quite significant. It brings a balance, order, and sense of peace that cannot be explained.

I have begun to consider with deep anticipation, the weight of what this new role of being a mother may bring as well. I can only imagine the “promotion” that this event will usher in for so many areas of my life.

I want to encourage you that each season has purpose. People have wanted to convince me of the woes, struggles, and difficulties with being pregnant and raising a child, but I, frankly, I am not open to that. This is the season that I am in and I am willing to take it, and everything that comes with it, with my most positive foot forward. So rather than thinking about the lack of sleep, or spit up on my clothes, I have started to think about my promotion. I have begun to speak into the legacy of my family, my daughter to come, and to the gravity of the role that comes with it.

If you have yet to be promoted to spouse or parent, take heart. There is purpose in your current season and a role that you are to fulfill in the job you have currently. There is purpose in every moment, of every day, of every season. It is up to us to position ourselves, and our mindset, to find it.