My husband James and I are expecting to have our first biological child to arrive in only a few short weeks (7 to be exact). This has brought on a plethora of thoughts and emotions, as one could imagine. I have been dwelling on the gravity (in a good way) of the role of motherhood and I was thinking about … Read More

Powerless Emotions

I have been re-reading the book Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk along with the amazing students I teach in my Marriage and Family Therapy class at The King’s University. Although I have read this book previously, while reading it this time I feel like I have gained a great new revelation about emotions and of course, I want … Read More

The Perfect Marriage

Before I start, I should admit that I do not have a perfect marriage. We have had our ups and downs like any other marriage but the way in which I respond to certain situations has changed significantly. My wife and I are quickly approaching two years of marriage together and I think I can honestly say that I have … Read More