Parenting Kids Into Freedom – #2

Here is the second tip on parenting into and out of freedom.  You can’t parent “out of something”. If you try to parent out of hurt, anger, bitterness, rejection, or any other wounded place the results are never in your favor. You will always end up acting or reacting according to your own wounded places. We must first recognize our need … Read More

Parenting Kids Into Freedom – #1

I get many questions about parenting primarily on how to parent well.  I believe that sharing my top ten tips could be helpful to those that want to be and currently are parents. I will break one down every week that I post a blog (in between each of the posts from my team). Here is number 1 (these are … Read More

Argument or Discussion?

One thing that I have determined throughout my experience at CRC is that yelling doesn’t work. Although this may seem rudimentary to most, it is actually more important and beneficial than one might realize. Lately, I have been trying to determine what the difference is between an argument and a discussion. My most recent research has focused on the actual … Read More

An Honest Stepparent

One of the most difficult things I have ever experienced is being a stepmom. I know that may seem brutally honest but for any of you that are a stepparent or know a stepparent it may not seem so extremely honest.  I recently had the privilege of speaking for MarriageToday on blended families and I wanted to share some of … Read More

Just Love

The idea of extending grace to others and loving them has been rattling around in my head for in recent weeks.  Actually, I have been thinking about this idea since I wrote my post, Choosing Joy, late in 2013.  I always find it interesting how we are so quick to look at how others are living their lives and then … Read More

Check Yes or No

I love the thought-provoking analogies that the Lord shares with me and wanted to share one with you this week.  Like me, you might recall a moment in middle school when you truly believed you had met the love of you life. It’s funny that the cool way to find out if they liked you or not was to give … Read More

Dangling Carrots

God isn’t in the business of “dangling carrots”.  You know the familiar scene where a carrot is dangled just in front of the horses nose in order to get it to keep moving? God does not work this way. When He gives us a directive, goal, or set of instructions He tends to see them through to the end. I … Read More


Sometimes as a counselor I feel that people expect me to have it all together. I wish I could say that I was exempt from disagreements with my husband, financial stress, friend drama, and just overall life issues, but I am not. I am actually quite honest about the struggles I have when meeting with my clients because I want … Read More

Digital Addiction

About 2 billion people or roughly a third of the world’s population utilize Facebook, Twitter, video game console, smartphone or some other form of media consumption. The technology has arrived and it is here to stay. For the first time in history, we have an overabundance of information right at our fingertips at any given moment any day of the … Read More

Fighting in the Dark

I want you to imagine the following scene in your mind.  It is absolutely dark in your room and you hear someone enter slowly through the door. You cannot see a thing but you know you could grab a lamp, a book, or some other item to hit the person. However, because of the dark, you are unable to see … Read More