One Thousand Gifts

Last week I began reading, One Thousand Gifts, an amazing book by author and speaker Ann Voskamp. I am mad at myself for not picking up this gem of a book sooner. While reading this book, it dawned on me that the timing is perfect in light of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday only a few short weeks away. The premise … Read More

You Are Loved

I have a sweet friend that recently wrote about her struggle with an eating disorder. I have found that freedom lies in being this transparent. When we allow ourselves to really see what is happening under the surface we then allow ourselves to function at full capacity. This story not only inspires me but I know will inspire many. I … Read More


I have been thinking about the concept of punctuation relates to our lives. There are many times that what we know in our gut and what we feel is right should finish off a sentence with a period. We know it’s true, we know it is what we are supposed to do, and that is the end of it, right? … Read More

Trendy or True

Sometimes our society has it wrong. It is always about the hippest or hottest trend. Don’t get me wrong, this chick likes to stay up to speed on things but lately I have been asking myself if it messes with my focus. You, see sometimes we get so caught up in who is trendy and what is cool that we … Read More


Last week I had the opportunity to take a vacation. I really needed to get away but while attempting to do just that I realized that we were not created for just being with ourselves. Various scholars may disagree but let me explain. The whole purpose of my trip was to escape my busy life by traveling to a place … Read More

Faux Family

Family is defined by Merriam-Webster as the basic unit in society traditionally consisting of two parents rearing their children. This is a broad definition but allows room for a great deal of interpretation, elaboration, and philosophical thinking. I started to do some thinking of my own about family and what it means. This was a result of witnessing an amazing … Read More

Number One

Lately I have been asking myself the question “What’s my number one?” This may seem like a strange question but let me explain. Often we try to put things in our lives in our own order of importance. Numerous times the things that we need to be concentrating on the most (our number one) is the thing we try to … Read More


I want to let you in on a personal journey that I have been taking as of late. Finding rest has been quite a struggle for me. It seems that during a season where most people are on summer break, scheduling vacations, and taking time off of work, my life has intensified in every area possible. I have realized the … Read More

Hope is Powerful

I was having coffee with a good friend over the weekend and she made a statement that I can’t seem to forget. She was discussing a recent situation and said “Hope is powerful”. I couldn’t help but stop to let that statement resonate in my mind. I think that many individuals in countless situations tend to lean on the side … Read More

Can vs. Called

I have the opportunity of being involved in leadership development at my church and in the lives of the individuals I see on a daily basis. When watching people pursue something they are destined to do, it is inevitable that they will play the comparison game at one time or another. Unfortunately comparison is bred by our society because of … Read More