Communicating Anger

Ever poorly communicated your anger?  If so, you’ve likely experienced the negative consequences that happen when this occurs—wounded relationships, offenses, guilt, and regret. Often, because of past negative experiences with anger—our own or others, we have a difficult time communicating our anger in healthy ways that enhance cooperation and reduce conflict effectively. Instead of asserting anger in ways that establish … Read More


CRC Staff Counselor Satchel Stillwell M.A., LPC-i

Just recently, I had a week filled with a whirlwind of emotions, most of which were positive. On April 27, 2015 the State of Texas officially recognized me as a licensed professional counselor. For some, this might not mean a lot but for me, the symbolism behind the three simple letters LPC is monumental. A journey that began in August … Read More


Sitting down to write this, I feel as if I have written these very same thoughts down before. I don’t know about you, but lately my pace has been overwhelming. I don’t know what it is about spring, maybe the end of a school year, beautiful weather, and many tasks, but this time of year seems to bring additional demands … Read More

Father = Superman?

Most men grow up thinking their father can do anything. Several playground arguments begin with boys talking about how much money their dad makes or how one boy’s dad could surely beat up another boy’s dad in a fistfight. It seems that our worldview of our biological father informs our view of our heavenly father. To some that have been … Read More

Powerless Emotions

I have been re-reading the book Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk along with the amazing students I teach in my Marriage and Family Therapy class at The King’s University. Although I have read this book previously, while reading it this time I feel like I have gained a great new revelation about emotions and of course, I want … Read More

Control = Delusion

Sometimes it is easy to be a Christian when everything seems to be going right in your life. It feels good to buy into the delusion that we have control over anything in our lives. I recognize that this sounds like a dramatic overstatement and I also realize that many believe themselves to be in what many describe as the … Read More


re·new·al (rəˈn(y)o͞oəl/) The action of extending the period of validity of a license, subscription, or contract. An instance of resuming an activity or state after an interruption. Spring finally seems to be upon us here in the great state of Texas following some very late season snow, ice and below freezing temperatures. With spring there is always a feeling of … Read More


One of my favorite scriptures is Habakkuk 2:2, “Write the vision, make it plain, so that he can run who reads it.” Almost daily I see people in my practice who lack a vision for their lives, their family, and their future. I can’t help but think about the value of vision, but more than that, the ability to see … Read More

Thankfulness Challenge

Thanksgiving is truly one of my favorite times of the year. I love the fall weather (which is quite mild if you live in Texas), the fall clothing, the fall flavors, and the togetherness that each of these bring to most people. I use my words to tell people how much they mean to me on a daily basis, but … Read More


I can clearly remember being 2 to 3 years into a serious relationship with the woman who later became my wife. I remember the urging from her and the mounting pressure that was placed on me from her friends and co-workers about when we were going to get married. It seemed like everyone around us was either getting married or … Read More