Empowering the Powerless

One of my favorite things to do is be a voice for the voiceless, defender for the defenseless, and provide means of communication for those who are unable to communicate. I find that this is one of the most rewarding things about my job. Each week, I encounter many clients and cases that involve divorce. While this is unfortunate, a … Read More


During my childhood, the month of August was always a surreal and significant month in my household. The excitement of buying and unwrapping new school supplies and the nervousness of meeting new people and seeing old friends seemed ever present. The most depressing aspect of August was that I always had to go back to balancing my life again. By … Read More

Updates & State of the Union

It is with overwhelming gratitude that we celebrate two years in our amazing office above the Starbucks and four years in the Southlake Town Square. There are so many days that I stand in awe that we are blessed with such an amazing office space in such a beautiful city. When I felt called to start Cassie Reid Counseling I … Read More

Cardboard Box

I had the privilege of spending some time with some dear friends this past weekend. This particular couple has known James and I for some time and  the wife brought an old blog post I wrote for a defunct blog to my attention. It was posted in way back in 2009. I couldn’t help but go back and read it … Read More

Parenting Kids Into Freedom #4

In the celebration of freedom here is the fourth installment of parenting your kids into and out of freedom. I meet so many parents each day who live confused as to how to bring out the best in their children. So many make the mistake of attempting to make their kids into someone they desire for them to be as … Read More


I know this week should be the fourth installment of the parenting series. I couldn’t help but pause that series because of  a profound thought I had while meeting with a client recently. I began thinking about how many times we hold tight to the counterfeit at the sacrifice of the genuine. It always seems that people want to hold … Read More

The Perfect Marriage

Before I start, I should admit that I do not have a perfect marriage. We have had our ups and downs like any other marriage but the way in which I respond to certain situations has changed significantly. My wife and I are quickly approaching two years of marriage together and I think I can honestly say that I have … Read More

Parenting Kids Into Freedom – #3

The third parenting tip in the parenting into and out of freedom series is: We were designed to submit One of the biggest mistakes I see parents make is letting their children make too many decisions. Parenting kids to  make decisions within some boundaries and limits is good and healthy but allowing them free reign is detrimental to their nature … Read More

Parenting Kids Into Freedom – #2

Here is the second tip on parenting into and out of freedom.  You can’t parent “out of something”. If you try to parent out of hurt, anger, bitterness, rejection, or any other wounded place the results are never in your favor. You will always end up acting or reacting according to your own wounded places. We must first recognize our need … Read More

Parenting Kids Into Freedom – #1

I get many questions about parenting primarily on how to parent well.  I believe that sharing my top ten tips could be helpful to those that want to be and currently are parents. I will break one down every week that I post a blog (in between each of the posts from my team). Here is number 1 (these are … Read More